YouTube is one of the most popular social media site among all the age groups. People use their spare time to chill and relax on youtube. Also it is a platform where people showcase their talent whether it is about fashion, cooking, gadgets, diy, astrology songs, comedy videos and what not. It is a just like water for some people as it is their means of their daily bread and butter.

Two days back, on 17th October 2018 the youtube was seen having problems. The problems included while watching videos, downloading, clicking links, uploading and reading content.Moreover, few viewers felt inconvenience while login and uploading too. Youtube was earlier seen to have server down in UK and US but later it was seen all over.


Few studies claimed that the server was down and we are having various issues. Rather than opening videos the site was showing messages like ‘Error 500’ or ‘Error 503’. Server was down for approx 3 hours . People were unable to watch videos and faced serious issues. Some tweets were there but no one from the Google owned company explained the reasons for the short fall. Moreover, few studies said that few fellows were sent to get the workings done properly and look after the problem caused. YouTube was apologizing about the inconvenience caused. They were sorry for what all happened and how viewers suffered. YouTube also claimed that they have been working on technical issues to get back for the viewers. New updates from YouTube claimed that due to internal issues servers will be down tonight. One report said, “ We are working on the issue and will let you know when it is resolved”. However, after few hours of complains and working by the youtube, the problem was finally fixed and people were again able to use YouTube properly. The big YouTube crash was later resolved and everything went smooth.





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