Xiaomi survival game
Xiaomi's survival game
Xiaomi survival game
Xiaomi’s survival game

Xiaomi never fails to impress its users. The company always finds a way to beat every trend in the market. As we all know Pubg Mobile is one of the latest, trending and widespread leading game in the market. Noone thought that xiaomi will launch a game similar to bet its market range.

Yes, you heard it right Xiaomi has launched a new game named ‘Survival Game’ to amaze its users.

The game is totally similar to Pubg Mobile and Fortnite and it is based on Battle royal game.

Survival Game was earlier launched in Closed beta form but now it is available in Mi App Store which enables every user to download it. However, it can only be downloaded through Mi App store and has a file of 185 MB which is uploaded by a developer ‘Super Edguy’.

The format of the game is similar to other games but it allows the player to jump of spaceship and square off with others to win. Similar to Pubg, the player needs to collect supplies at first for further survival during game. The gaming scenario includes equipment for flight like jetpacks which will eventually lead to better experience. Moreover, player gets to choose between several characters and can enjoy the game the way they want.

As per our review the game is not powerful and needs a lot of improvement to catch the users attention.


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