whatsapp security
whatsapp security

As per the rumours circulating we got to know that WhatsApp will restrict the forwarding of messages to 5 contacts at a time. There is alot of confusion running into minds about the sharing messages scandal. As the reports speak it is done because of leaking of false information.

When we look into matter we see that reports say that earlier there was alot of false messages relating to earthquakes, fake job offers, free air tickets etc that were causing problem.

It is about to be done after months of reports about of killing of 25 victims because of viral message spread through whatsapp.

WhatsApp was facing the issue of spread of misinformation for a long time. As it is used by millions of people, the messaging platform was facing spamming of Accounts with fake news. Few days back their were also advertisements seen on televisions which focused on spreading awareness about improper fake news leaks.

A press release sent via email says that : ‘All users on the latest version of WhatsApp can now only forward to five contacts at once, which will help keep WhatsApp focused on private messaging with close contacts’.

The following step taken by whatsapp will help control the spread of Fake scandals and terrorism.

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