The company is all set to launch chips ti surround the modem for Qualcomm. Qualcomm Inc has introduced the second generation chips for connecting phones to 5G networks. The 5G network will speed up the data speed and it will be done this year.

As we know Qualcomm is the biggest chip supplier in mobile companies. The company is thinking that device will do wonders in coming year. However, Xiaomi used Qualcomm chip last year for small 5G phones. Samsung and Qualcomm both the largest companies are all set to launch it together in December. The Samsung flagship model will be used with it.

Companies like Huawei Technologies Co Ltd., Samsung with Exynos 51000 are also working in this. Korea and China companies are also taking their part to work in this network.

The antennas and chips for handling radio waves will be more complex than other networks. Qualcomm claims that it will speed up the technology and every phone from this year onwards will be having 5G network. However, Apple Inc is not sure about it rightnow.

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