PUBG Latest Update with Halloween theme

Pubg has been the most loved and favourite game of teenagers these days. Not only boys but girls are also drooling over it. Pubg is one of the best game as it includes scenes where you have to fight with your team against enemies. And let’s just agree we all always wait eagerly for their new updates. Few days back they launched their another update which is one of the most awaited updates and it is 0.9.0


As we all know it is the Halloween month and all what happens is concerned with Halloween.

So did are pubg makers kept in mind and introduced Halloween update.

The update included Halloween event, spooky outfits, mummy costumes, ghost costumes, candies and candies.

The whole game includes the feel of Halloween party and amazes the player with it.

Not only this the update also had changes on equipments, that are :

Helmets of all levels changed like level 1 helmet from green to grey.

The overall look of backpack.

The change in drop fall from parachute.

This is not the end you can spectate your killer too unlike earlier you could only spectate your team.



As October is the month of Halloween, we are expecting some changes in the game from November that is night mode.

Scenario will be same as earlier like evening, when 60-50 people will be left the light will diminish then proper night. Afterwards when the game will be ending it will change to Morning.

You may get the night vision initially but it will work during night. The night effect will appear as greenish and will prove to be advantage for the person having it, others will not have any benefit. One can also expect to have noise of insects and bird chirping.



Halloween has proved to be wonder and people are liking it as it gives festive vibes but players are eagerly waiting for the night mode because it will increase the interest and difficulty in the game.



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