oneplus 7
Oneplus 7 or Just a 5g Phone

Recently, we have been concerned about Oneplus launch for this year and after getting it in mind we saw some pictures leaked from Oneplus. The new Oneplus launch will be Oneplus 7. Looking at pictures one can say that this time Oneplus will be Notchless. However, few reports claim that the 5G launch will not be as affordable as others.

oneplus 7

Few months back Oneplus 6T was launched which was featuring Flagship features with minimal prices. Company is not in a mood to disclose much but as the 6T had in-screen fingerprint sensor, 7T will be having Snapdragon 855 chipset.

The phone is the next phone from Oneplus range and will be out in mid of 2019. As Oneplus 6 was announced in May 2018 we are hoping same again. The phone might be seen under a range of $549 but if we want 5G model that would cost $200 or $300 more than original 4G.

There are alot of rumours about the phone but the most eye-catching ones are 5G model and Snapdragon 855 chipset. The company states that the phone will be completely Notchless and it will also feature glass back for better looks. However, it will have alert slider like always but we can see 10GB RAM for better performance.

One shouldn’t expect MicroSD card slot and triple camera near soon but we hope that phone features A QHD screen and water resistance.

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