The list of gadgets in not ended till we don’t find cooler gadgets. The cool gadgets is a category under which those gadgets are listed that are cool in some or the other way. They are cool enough to make you go crazy about them and also help you in some or the other way. The list for such gadgets is way long but Techmakina have listed some of the best in the same category down below.

Mosquitron is a device that uses new technology that provides user 100% non-toxic mosquito catching and killing. It is a viral seller and it is best because more and more diseases are caused by mosquitoes these days and all the devices that are available in the market to kill mosquitoes produce toxic gases. It uses harmless UV lights to attract mosquitoes and then vacuum sucks them until they are dead.

This latest gadget is an invention under drones. This one is perfect for beginners who always wanted to own one but didn’t know from where to start. It comes in a size that is similar to your smartphone. All you got to do is charge it, install the app and in 10seconds you are good to go.

Hush socks is not your regular socks as it uses the new technology that gives pain relieved when you wear it. The soothers use compression technology to give you relieve from all your leg pain worries. It helps to make running, trekking, hiking activities more comfortable and relaxing. One can also where it when the leg is swollen or hurt.

Slow connectivity of internet is everybody’s problem these days. We all want good and fast working connectivity and to move through that, here comes the latest gadget that is wifi booster. The device makes sure that there is good connectivity in every corner of your house and it also improves strength throughout.

T watch is a smart military watch that is in talks everywhere these days. As we know other smart watches easily get damage but this one comes shatterproof so you don’t have to worry if it drops by chance. It is not only shatterproof but also stylist and comfortable. However, it is also dust and waterproof to give you smooth sport trainings and physical sessions.

Do you always want foot massages every time you step out and it’s not possible? Don’t worry this latest device gives you foot massages every time you take a step. The device uses ancient wisdom and latest technology to give you massage at every critical area of your feet. It has benefits like good blood circulation, improved health, relieves back pain and lowers stress levels.

Octa air is a new way to television needs. Now you don’t need to pay installation fee or satellite dish to watch television, all you need to do is attach it on the wall and you can access dish free entertainment. It also has free DVR capability with on-screen channel guide.

Itrack is a device that helps you keep a check on your car. If you are always worried about your car security then this is your go to app. You can now easily track your car. GPS track gets plugged into your car and boom you get real time location.

This smartwatch has features like other smartwatches only but it has battery life like never before. It comes with 33 month battery life with same capabilities like others. Yet it is stylish, comfortable and smart.

Summers are already here and we can’t go without some air conditioner. This latest air conditioner drops the attention because of its cooling properties and smaller, compact size. You need to fill the tank and connect it with USB port or power bank.


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