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These days are the era of smartphones and whenever someone looks into his phone or uses his phone , he’s using one or the other App. App includes entertainment, gaming, work, editing, new and what not. Apps are the means for the fast growing world and we can’t imagine a day without them. However, not only new smartphones launches are important but Apps to have their importance and relevance.

Beginning of a new month also embarks the launches of new apps and Techmakina is here to give you a glimpse of all new android apps in the phone market.


The list starts with the first board game app. The app includes fully hand drawn gaming arena with beautiful experience. Gorogoa is available for $5 and it is a whole new puzzle game.


This app is another one under gaming criteria and it is available for $7. It is a card based board game that helps you build your own galactic empire. One has to take all important decisions about how they want their empire to be and look like.


All of us are crazy about marvel but we have to wait long for marvel movies to release but this time we have an app that allows user to read certain titles about marvel. Marvel unlimited is on android requires a sign up for $9.9 monthly and $69 annually, by paying amount you can have access to marvel comics that are lot in number.


Always concerned about bugs in your android ecosystem then the days of relief are here. You can spend a little for editor’s choice for mobile security. By downloading the app you can test use it for four days but after that you have to pay $15 fee for a year.


You are someone who always spend a lot of time for keeping hard passwords but every time while accessing you forget them . The hard days are over now here is an app that is known as the last pass that allows you to keep high-end hard passwords and keep them safe for all your accounts. The app is available at a premium of $2 per month and by buying it you can have contingencies planned for emergency, gain additional storage space with priority tech support.


Do you know you are always watched when you are online. No not personally but virtually. Your communication is always track to give you micro-target ads. These days an antivirus program is not only enough but you need a mobile VPN to protect yourself. There are a lot of VPNs available in market but this one is for someone who wants an easy accessible and interface. NordVPN is a good choice for you as it helps you to mask six simultaneous devices.


We are in a world where we are filled with email hacks and data leaks. Nine email is your got to app as it helps users to save data on their own device rather than saving it on a cloud. This process helps to keep your data in safer hands .the app supports Exchange, Outlook, Gmail and IMAP. It also integrates with your calendar, contacts, notes and sms.


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